PRINCE ALBERT -- With the announcement of Saskatchewan's first presumptive case of COVID-19 a pediatrician is urging parents with toddlers and young children not to panic.

"This virus doesn’t seem to be targeting, in bad ways, small children or children. It seems to be affecting the elderly from the data we’ve seen in (other) countries that have had it," Dr. Ayaz Ramji, a pediatrician who practices, in Prince Albert said in an interview with CTV News.

Parents shouldn't feel the need to alter a healthy child's routine or keep kids home from daycare at this time, Ramji said.

At the same time, Ramji advises parents to familiarize themselves with the symptoms of the illness.

Ramji said since children under the age of five are more likely to touch or rub their faces, mouth, nose and eyes making they're more susceptible to contracting the virus.

"They should come in or seek health care if they are worried from a common-sense perspective. So if your child is lethargic, not drinking, has really hard rapid breathing or if you have concerns. I wouldn’t be coming in just for a runny nose if you have a happy playful child," Ramji said.

He suggests parents dial the province’s Healthline (811) if they're worried their child may be sick with COVID-19, before bringing them to a clinic.

"COVID-19 shouldn’t alter when you seek medical advice. It might alter how you seek it but in essence, if your child is sick and you are worried for good reason then that’s a reason to seek medical advice,” said Ramji.