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'It was pretty amazing': Sask. track star ties the Canadian record in the 100m dash


A Prince Albert athlete is keeping up with some of the fastest runners in the country, and taking the track world by storm.

Storm Zablocki, 19, recently tied the Canadian record for the Under-20 100-metre dash.

“It was kind of a big deal that someone out of Saskatchewan tied that record because no one really expected it,” Zablocki told CTV News in an interview.

The track star crossed the finish line with a time of 10.25 seconds, at a meet in London, Ontario last weekend. That’s the same time six-time Olympic medalist Andre De Grasse ran when he broke the record in 2013.

“It was pretty amazing.”

“I’m extremely happy and grateful for it, but never content with it,” Zablocki said.

He said he found his passion for running about four years ago.

“Turned out it was something I was good at doing, and eventually developed a love for the sport,” he said.

Zablocki competes with the University of Regina Cougars, but he trains with PA Athletics coach Mike Taylor in Prince Albert, during the summer months.

“He actually has the provincial 60-metre record in every age group. He’s always been fast, but he keeps getting better,” Taylor said in an interview with CTV News.

He said it wasn’t a total surprise when Zablocki tied the record.

“We’re always targeting technical, we’re always targeting parts of the race, so if it all came together we knew it was going to be fast,” he said.

Zablocki now has his sights set on the Pan American Games in Puerto Rico in August, and he hopes to one day win the Olympics.

“I love this sport and I will continue to put all my work into it.”

“It’s kind of like perfecting my own craft, and at the end of the day, I have supreme goals,” Zablocki said.

Every time he hits the track, he hopes it will take him one step closer to that goal. Top Stories


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