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'The car was half inside my children's room': Car crashes into Saskatoon apartment building


Firefighters responded to a scene on the 300 Block of Herold Road Friday morning after a car collided with an apartment building.

After arriving at the scene at around 11:27 a.m., crews observed the vehicle part-way into the apartment building near the stairwell, the fire department said in a release.

Crews assisted the driver out of the vehicle to the ambulance before they directed a tow truck in to remove the vehicle from the building.

The fire department said a search confirmed all occupants of the building were safely evacuated.

Walid Khalid, a newcomer to Canada, was sleeping in his apartment when he was awakened by a loud bang.

(Keenan Sorokan/CTV News)

He then discovered a car had smashed through the main entrance and partially entered his children's room.

"Five feet to the right and it would have been me," Khalid said. “Thank God no one was hurt but yeah, it's a very traumatic experience.”

Khalid said he is concerned about the lack of safety measures in place to prevent such an accident.

“A lot of people coming in and out… it's a very busy parking place. I feel that they should be putting up something over here.”

Saskatoon police said as a result of the collision, the sole occupant, a 75-year-old woman, was issued tickets for driving while disqualified and driving without due care and attention. Top Stories

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