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Spring construction season begins in Saskatoon with road closures and traffic delays


With the arrival of spring and temperatures finally warming up, construction crews in Saskatoon are gearing up for a busy season.

Residents are advised to prepare for roadworks and the accompanying traffic delays.

"We do ask for everyone's patience and keep checking all the different channels,” director of construction for the City of Saskatoon Matt Jurkiewicz said.

"A little bit of preparation from drivers will help you avoid some of those areas,"

One significant issue facing motorists this season is traffic congestion due to road construction.

Declan Quinn, a local motorist, highlights the problems at one particularly busy area

"There's only one exit out of the hospital, and people who are coming out of the hospital, if they're trying to take a right and get to University Drive and head east, they've got to yield to traffic on College Drive heading into the hospital, and sometimes that queue is exceptionally long," Quinn said.

Among the major construction projects is the repair of water mains along College Drive, starting at Clarence and extending over several blocks.

This project will cause lane closures and significant disruptions, particularly affecting transit services since the university area is a major hub.

Robert Clipperton, a representative from Bus Riders of Saskatoon, noted the impact on college drive.

"Transit will post 24 hours in advance if they know the stop is going to be closed. When you've got things like water main breaks, there's not a lot you can do," Clipperton said.

Further roadworks are expected throughout the summer, including resurfacing on Millar Ave, Circle Drive, and Preston Ave, as well as on Highways 11 and 7. Top Stories

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