SASKATOON -- Discarded needles a television box as well as wrappers and paper garbage litter a back alley behind Avenue M South and 22nd Street.

This mounting garbage is just the beginning of what a Saskatoon man claims led to a violent altercation with a property maintenance worker, hired by his neighbour.

Fayaz Kadir has been living on Avenue M South in Pleasant Hill for the past five years, and next door stands a boarded-up home he says has been nothing but problematic for him.

“There were squatters in there,” he says.

Since the squatters were kicked out, the home has been boarded up. Kadir says the owner has allowed garbage to collect on the property and the grass to grow tall. That prompted Kadir to call the fire department for a property maintenance bylaw check.

One day, Kadir says he noticed someone cutting his neighbour’s grass, and shortly after, he found scattered garbage along the outside of his home.

“As soon as the guy came to cut the lawn, there is trash on my yard and then trash in the back alley,” Kadir says. “So next time, when I complained about the tall grass to the fire department, the guy came again. I checked what he was up to.”

That’s when Kadir says he confronted the grass cutter and asked him about throwing garbage over the fence to his property.

“He calls me over and tells me to go back where I came from.”

Kadir says the argument spilled over to 22nd Street and Kadir claims the man became violent.

“He hits me with his van so I move over and he tries to speed off on 22nd street,” Kadir explains.

Kadir says he was wasn't seriously hurt when the van hit him, but the situation kept escalating.

“He comes back later on stalks my family. While my wife and kids play in the front, he goes back and tramples my vegetables and throws garbage on them.”

Kadir says all of this activity is captured on his home security camera, and he’s filed a complaint with police submitting video he captured.

A spokesperson with the Saskatoon Police Service tells CTV News it has received two separate complaints in regards to vandalism as well as a hit and run and theft and that the matter is being investigated.

The owner of the neighbouring property did not want to give his name for the story. He says the garbage that accumulates on his property is a result of illegal dumping from people waiting at a nearby bus stop and a large alley behind Avenue M, where people passing by use his property as a dumping ground.

As for the actions of the person he hired to cut his grass, the owner says he trusted the man and if he’s engaging in any illegal activity, that it's a police matter. 

As for the racist remarks, Kadir said he been a Canadian citizen since 2007 and what he heard is “like salt in the wound.”

“As if you’re a second class citizen. As if this isn’t my home,” he said.