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Sask. company fined for incident where worker fell to their death

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A Saskatchewan livestock company was fined $325,000 after pleading guilty to two workplace safety violations that lead to one serious injury and a death.

According to the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, Spiritwood Stockyards pleaded guilty to the two occupational health and safety violations in Spiritwood Provincial Court on May 14.

The first incident occurred on Nov. 11, 2021, where a worker was struck by a gate while attempting to load bulls onto a trailer and was seriously injured. The court found the company failed to provide and require protective headgear to its employee.

The second incident happened in January 2022, when a worker was clearing snow off a roof and fell to their death through a fiberglass skylight.

In this case, Spiritwood Stockyards was fined for failing to provide and require the use of a fall protection system.

The Court imposed a total fine of $232,142.86 with a surcharge of $92,857.14, for a total amount of $325,000. Top Stories

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