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Parts of Saskatchewan under extreme heat warning

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Environment Canada has issued extreme heat warnings for parts of Saskatchewan with temperature forecasts predicting highs reaching 35 C in some areas.

Daytime temperatures could reach 30 degrees on Monday and will gradually increase to nearly 35 degrees by Wednesday.

Overnight temperatures are expected to be 14 C until later this week, according to Environment Canada.

The advisories are in effect for Buffalo Narrows and Peter Pond Lake, the City of Lloydminster, the City of Prince Albert, Cluff Lake Mine, Cree Lake - Key Lake, and over fifty other areas.

“Extreme heat can affect everyone’s health. The health risks are greater for older adults, infants and young children, pregnant people, people with physical and/or mental illnesses, and people with disabilities or mobility issues,” Environment Canada advisory statement reads.

People are advised to drink plenty of water regularly, even before feeling thirsty to decrease the risk of dehydration.

Meanwhile, air quality warnings are also in place for parts of northern Saskatchewan including Buffalo Narrows and Peter Pond Lake, Cluff Lake Mine, Île à la Crosse-Beauval, La Loche, and Clearwater River Provincial Park.

Thick wildfire smoke has caused poor air quality and reduced visibility in some areas.

Environment Canada says wildfire smoke poses a health risk to everyone, regardless of age or pre-existing health conditions.

If you experience symptoms, reduce or stop outdoor activities and if you think you are having a medical emergency, seek immediate medical assistance.

While staying indoors, close windows and doors to keep smoke out.

Visit for information on how to reduce your health risk and your personal contribution to pollution levels, as well as for current and forecast AQHI values. Top Stories

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