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'Like the movie Twister': Sask. town cleans up storm aftermath in wake of possible tornado


Environment Canada is investigating whether Carrot River, Sask. was hit by a tornado on Sunday night.

"What happened in Carrot River was some kind of strong wind event. It has yet to be determined if it was a tornado," meteorologist Terri Lang told CTV News.

"Certain wind strength will cause certain damage. So you have to look at the pattern of the damage to assess whether it was a tornado, or whether it was a plough wind or straight-line winds."

Andrew Kavanagh's 100 foot spruce tree snapped and landed on his house at around midnight.

"I heard a big bang," he told CTV News.

Kavanaugh and his seven-year-old son went to the basement as they felt the walls shake.

"I was shaking with my son. I called my wife, and was like, 'Something just hit our house! We're going to the basement!’"

Darwin Flowerday says the storm looked like a scene from the movie Twister.

"The wind was rolling around with hail and it sounded exactly like the movie Twister. It was like five, ten minutes of intense lightning. It was so bright, nonstop, like a strobe light," Flowerday said.

"Everybody was out. The whole town was alive at like 1 a.m. It was so weird," Mallory Flowerday added.

The roof at Carrie's Kitchen blew off and landed on the other side of the street.

Owner Carrie Neigel is making light of the situation, considering a rebrand for her restaurant.

"Well, we could possibly go with the Topless Burger Shop. It might be our new logo," Neigel said, laughing.

She hosted a barbecue, offering free burgers to emergency crews.

The community showed their true colours on Monday, banding together with the cleanup.

The storm knocked out power in the area. About 800 homes were without power as of Monday afternoon, according to SaskPower. Crews are on the scene, working to clear trees interfering with power lines.

"Depending on how quickly we can get all the branches and trees cleared out of the way, that will determine how quickly we can get the power lines restored," said Scott McGregor, a spokesperson with SaskPower.

SaskPower is hoping to have power restored by Tuesday. Top Stories

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