SASKATOON -- Over the weekend the provincial government offered guidance for grocery stores operating during the pandemic.

The wide-ranging list of recommendations includes steps stores should take to sanitize various surfaces each day and dispense bulk food.

Now the province has some advice for shoppers.

"While many grocery stores and retailers have taken steps to reduce crowding, you also need to do your part," the province said in a news release on Monday.

Shopping trips should be kept to a minimum during the pandemic and the province suggests only sending a single person to pick up necessities.

"If possible, only one person from a household should go shopping for essentials – no more than once per week." the province said.

Although it is usually good advice for any shopping trip, the province says shoppers should head in with a list to cut down on time sent browsing time and make the trip more efficient.

Also, in its advice to grocers, the province says retailers should discourage the use of reusable bags so it's probably best to leave them at home during the pandemic.

The province has also previously shared tips on its website about buying groceries during the pandemic.

"Based on current research the risk of becoming ill with COVID-19 from ingesting food or contact with food packaging is very low," the province says on its website.

The province also offers the following guidance:

  • Follow social distancing directions provided by the grocery store. Keep a distance of two meters from other customers, even in the checkout line.
  • Do not go shopping if you are sick or symptomatic. Make use of takeout and delivery services where possible.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer prior to eating, before and after grocery shopping and after handling food packaging.
  • Wash produce, using soap and water, after returning home.