SASKATOON -- Anne Helgason has been searching for Tia, her 18-year-old parrot, after she unexpectedly flew away Thursday while spending time in her backyard.

“She was all good walking around the deck, getting up on the railing and then she came and sat on my shoulder for some time, and then she got back down on the backyard deck, heard some noise then she just took off flying,” said Helgason, who lives in the Pacific Heights neighbourhood.

According to Helgason, Tia was accustomed to spending time outside but she had never flown away because her wings were often clipped.

However, due to COVID-19 that service became postponed, causing Tia’s wings to grow and allowing her to fly.

“Right away I took off looking for her and she didn't answer so I kept looking in the sky thinking maybe she might be around and I kept looking on top of everyone's roofs,” said Helgason.

Tia is more than a pet. Helgason lost her son in 2008 and her husband four years later, and Tia became a support animal and friend, bringing her comfort.

Helgason said she is lonely without Tia during the pandemic and worries for the bird's well-being.

“It's so cold, she doesn't have food, she doesn't have water so yes I am afraid that she won’t survive,” said Helgason.

With the help of neighbours and friends Helgason has searched under cars, on top of roofs, and in the trees near her home. So far each search has come up empty.

However Helgason says she refuses to give up and hopes others will keep an eye out for her beloved bird.

“She’s a good girl and I really just want her home safe and healthy.”