SASKATOON -- Dec. 8 was supposed to be a usual day for Norm Bromm.

He was up early working in his butcher shop before a planned visit into Tisdale with his wife Joanie.

Then Joanie found him on the bathroom floor.

“He was unable to speak or move but he was still conscious,” said Bromm’s daughter, Samantha.

Norm had suffered a stroke. He was taken by ambulance to Melfort before being airlifted by STARS to Royal University Hospital.

He stayed there until the middle of December before being discharged to Tisdale Hospital.

On Jan. 21 he was admitted into Saskatoon City Hospital.

“We don’t know how far my dad is going to get in rehab. We do know he will not be farming this spring,” said Samantha.

“There’s still going to be all of the bills that a farm has. We are also probably going to have a retrofit the bathroom on the main floor, a bedroom on the main floor and possibly some entryways to allow for a wheelchair.”

Samantha has started a GoFundMe page which has raised more than $38,000 from more than 150 donors.

“I think it’s very typical of all communities in Saskatchewan. When there’s something traumatic like this, hey they pull together,” Tisdale Mayor Al Jellicoe said.

“I couldn’t believe how fast it went up. I had no idea it was going to be like that. It made us all cry,” said Samantha.

“So many people are like, they just want to give so much because my dad has meant so much to them.”