SASKATOON -- I keep hearing that people should stay home. Do I have to self-isolate?

Not necessarily. You should still pay attention to your health so you can identify signs of sickness and stay two metres away from other people. However, taking the precaution to stay home isn’t the same as formal self-isolation. Only those people who meet certain conditions must self-isolate: people who have travelled, or have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19, or who are household members of a person with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19.

If that’s not you, then you can leave your home. To put it another way: the Public Health Agency of Canada doesn't recommend isolation or voluntary home quarantine. However, it is still critical to practice proper physical distancing when getting fresh air or picking up necessities. 

Can I go out for supper?

No. Every restaurant, bistro and cafe in the province is closed - except for those that offer take-out services with a two-metre distance between customers, drive-through service, or delivery.

Too bad. Can I go to my friend’s house for their birthday party?

Legally speaking: possibly. The province has limited the size of public and private gatherings to 10 people per room. Places that can maintain a two-metre distance between people, such as workplaces with multiple rooms or essential retail locations, are exempted. The province recommends limiting or postponing gatherings and keeping children away from group settings.

However, if your friend’s party has 10 or fewer adult guests - or if they’ve devised a way to keep no more than 10 people in any room - then yes, you can legally go. But as the Prime Minister emphasized on Twitter Friday, it may be a good idea to set a post-pandemic date to celebrate.

Hmm. Sounds risky. Can I take my kids to the playground to blow off steam?

Unfortunately, no. The City of Saskatoon closed them on Wednesday, saying that surfaces people touch, especially playground equipment, should not be used. The city also said sports fields should no longer be used for organized play, as that puts you in close contact with others.

But there’s nothing stopping you from kicking a soccer ball around with your family, assuming this snow ever melts. 

Can I at least take my dog to the dog park?

Yes. Spaces including trails, dog parks, public squares and areas around civic buildings remain open, though the city recommends keeping your distance from other people - so be prepared for some two-metre do-si-dos on the sidewalk.