SASKATOON -- Mayor Charlie Clark is scheduled to have a phone call with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday morning to address tension in western Canada following the federal election.

The Liberals did not win any seats in Saskatchewan or Alberta.

“I look forward to a conversation with the Prime Minister to talk about the uncertainty that people are feeling in our city and province,” Clark said in a statement.

Clark acknowledged the tension in his statement, but said, “We have a history of working together as a country that we need to build on,” and that cities need to be a part of the solution.

Clark also addressed the need for climate change action.

“There is a need to build policies and programs that find the common ground in how we support a changing resource economy, create new opportunities in green economy, and play our part in tackling climate change.”

“Discussions have centered around how the different orders of government can help make like more affordable for Canadians, build a stronger middle class, and work collaboratively towards a stronger country,” the Prime Minister's Office says.

Trudeau has already spoken with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshhi and Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson.

Trudeau is also scheduled to meet with Regina Mayor Michael Fougere, his office says.