Residents in Saskatoon's Westview neighbourhood are relieved to hear a man has been arrested for the shooting death of Lorry Santos.

"It was such an odd event with the circumstances around it so we're hoping that in court we can find out about what took place and why it was so weird." said Kerry Tarasoff who lives across the street from the home where Santos was shot.

Court documents show Kyle Halbauer, 22, has been charged with first-degree murder in connection to Santos's death. 

Santos was shot early in the morning of Sept. 12 while at home with her husband and four children. At the time police believed the shots were fired from outside the house. Bullet casings were found outside, and there were reports that two gunmen were seen fleeing the scene.

The murder of an innocent woman shocked many.      

 "They've moved back into the home and tried to get on with life. I spoke to a couple family members and told them if there is anything they need to ask.  They have a lot of family helping them out. It's a tragic thing."  said Tarasoff.

Police are holding a news conference Tuesday to announce new developments in the case.

According to court documents Halbauer has been remanded until his next court appearance in Saskatoon on Jan.15.