A Saskatchewan mother knows all too well the dangers of not paying attention behind the wheel. Sandra Larose lost her daughter to distracted driving and now she's sharing her story as part of a new safety campaign put on by SGI.

A new advertisement by SGI shows the dreams of a teenaged girl. University, travel, career, love, marriage and family. But those dreams are taken away in an instant as the girl crashes while using her cell phone while driving.

It’s particularly heart wrenching for Sandra Larose, whose 17-year-old daughter Kailynn lost her life when she herself was distracted while driving near Weyburn last summer. She crashed with a train and died days later.

"Kailynn had everything going for her, she was a smart girl," Larose told CTV.

In the new SGI ad, it’s her voice talking about how her daughter lost her life because she used her cellphone while driving. The ad will run online, in cinemas and on TV.

"That split second when you can swerve into traffic, you may not see the pedestrian pushing the stroller and you hit the baby in the stroller,” Larose says.

Shorter online videos will also run in June about being distracted by your phone as well as other distractions like food, make-up or even your baby.

"Your life is over,” says Larose. “Whether you are dead or in jail for killing someone."

The province says that in 2017, 26 people died and 953 were injured in distracted driving crashes in Saskatchewan.

Joe Hargrave, minister responsible for SGI, told people gathered for the June campaign launch in Saskatoon that it is the single leading factor in injuries and collisions in the province.

For Larose, the tragic, preventable death of Kailynn has spurred her to speak out in order to save the life of others like her daughter.