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'What a perfect opportunity': Sask. woman takes fundraising to new heights by hiking Mount Kilimanjaro


A Prince Albert woman is going to new heights to raise money for a local charity.

Bernadette Lavoie has embarked on a journey to Africa and begun hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world, to help Hope’s Home, a care centre for children with special medical needs.

“I had booked the trip, and I was laying in bed one night, and I was reading how some people had done it for charity. So I thought, what a perfect opportunity,” Lavoie told CTV News in an interview.

She said she reached out to the non-profit because it is near and dear to her heart.

"It’s something that's so needed in this community and gives a great break to families, and a wonderful lifestyle for children who attend," she said.

The founder of Hopes Home, Jacqueline Tisher, said she is thankful for Lavoie’s efforts.

“We really depend on donations to support the unique programs that we have within Hope's Home.”

“We fundraise for some of the specialized equipment that has any capital expenditures, like our buildings and properties that we own,” Tisher told CTV News.

When Lavoie started 'Journey with Bernie' the goal was to raise $19,371 - a dollar for every foot up the mountain. However, she surpassed the goal and has raised more than $23,000.

Lavoie said training to hike the mountain while living in the prairies was a challenge. She said she often trained on a stair climber or walked along the river bank.

Lavoie started her six-day hike up the mountain on Tuesday. She is expected to reach the summit on January 21.

Donations can be made through the Hope’s Home website, or via etransfer. Top Stories

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