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U of S students on the way to Regina in biennial TeleMiracle bed push


Moving a bed is tough work but agriculture students from the University of Saskatchewan are moving one from Saskatoon all the way to Regina.

Alex Hinz, is one of the organizers for the push.

"We push the bed from Saskatoon to Regina every other year when TeleMiracle is in Regina, and we're starting now," Hinz said.

Early Thursday morning, they began their journey, pushing the bed right from dawn.

"There are four bars and a steering rod. One person steers and pushes at the back, while the other three corners have someone pushing. We try to jog at a steady pace so nobody gets left behind," participant Owen Vande Kraats explained.

John Hauer, an alumni participant has been coming back for decades. He participated in the first push.

"The first year we ran from Saskatoon to Regina that went so well, so the second year we decided to add a little bit, so we started from Moose Jaw went through Regina and then up to Saskatoon. I think halfway through the trip we realized that was way too much," Hauer said.

Their trip takes three days, with a convoy and shifts pushing the bed down the highway.

"If you see us on Highway 11, give us space. If you want to donate, flag down one of our convoy vehicles, and we'll give you a tax receipt," Hinz said.

Their goal this year is to raise $100,000 for the TeleMiracle charity, surpassing last year's $80,000. They are expected to arrive in Regina on Saturday. Top Stories


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