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Saskatoon slips and slides after week of freeze and thaw


Freeze and thaw conditions over the week have created a sheet of black ice over the roads and pathways in Saskatoon.

Medavie Health Services West said that they've seen an increase in tripping calls - some resulting in severe injuries.

"These are all pretty serious injuries, fractured hips ankles legs, Troy Davies with Medavie said.

"Today we had another major fracture that occurred, these are still happening in the area."

The Saskatoon Fire Department (SFD) urges people to be careful.

"If you do get caught out on that ice, we recommend what we call a penguin walk, so more of a shuffling. Don't get your feet too far in front of your body," said Ryan Bradley who works with the fire department in community risk reduction.

Monica Dalke who is an avid walker said she's prepared for the conditions with a set of walking sticks, but hasn't been out in the last few days.

"I haven't been on the trails much recently. I walk a lot, and I love walking the trails on the river," she said.

“But I've been a little apprehensive because of the ice, and the snow on top of the ice."

Dalke said she appreciated the city’s work to keep her favorite walkways clear.

"Clearing crews are amazing, I've seen them out at dawn," Dalke said.

Most of the city’s main roads have been cleared Top Stories

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