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Saskatoon is lowering the speed limit on these neighbourhood bikeway streets


Saskatoon cyclists will see reduced speed limits on some neighbourhood bikeways this summer.

Starting July 5, the city will implement 30 kilometre per hour speed limits on designated neighbourhood bikeways.

The move was brought before city council in December 2023 following the death of two cyclists — Natasha Fox and Darin Kinniewess.

“This change aims to enhance safety and create a more comfortable environment for cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers,” Director of Transportation Jay Magus said.

“Neighbourhood bikeways are designed for streets with lower vehicle volumes and speeds, promoting safer shared road use."

According to the city, 23rd Street West between Vancouver Avenue North and Avenue C North, and 14th Street East between Saskatchewan Crescent East and Cumberland Avenue are the first two bikeways to receive the reduced speed limits.

The city said the traffic bylaw was amended in February for these two neighbourhood bikeways.

Signage is already being installed, and enforcement of the new 30 km/h limit begins on July 5.

The city says future neighbourhood bikeways will see similar signage after traffic calming measures are implemented.

Over the next few years, the city plans to complete four bikeways, in addition to the Blairmore bikeway, which runs from Vancouver Avenue North to Avenue C North.

Others include the Dudley Street Bikeway from Avenue P South to Spadina Crescent West and the 31st Street West Bikeway from Avenue W North to Idylwyld Drive North.

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