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Saskatoon fan develops unique way to get to front row of Noah Kahan show


Josée Aitken has been a Noah Kahan fan for years, so when she heard he was coming to the Bridge City, she wanted to make the most of it.

Aitken couldn’t get floor tickets to the American singer-songwriter’s Easter weekend performance in Saskatoon, so she developed her own way to get to the front row.

“I was just driving, thinking of things to do, pictures to take,” she told CTV News.

That’s when the 25-year-old decided to bring a disposable camera to the concert for everyone to take pictures with.

“I just ran with it from there, I got two cameras and put a tag on it with my name, contact number and what my plan was,” she said.

She started passing the camera around, with a goal of getting it to centre stage.

“It was cool because before the concert even started, you could see the disposable camera getting picked up and pictures getting taken,” she said.

Eventually it made its way to Amalie Kish.

“I was kind of confused, I was just standing there talking to my friend and someone tapped my shoulder and handed me this camera,” Kish said.

“There was a little tag on it with a story, and I read it and I cried, because I was like, ‘this is so cute.’”

She said a security guard overheard, and asked Kahan’s team if he could take a picture with the camera, but his team said no.

Kish said she kept Aitken updated throughout the night.

“She was like, ‘I got your camera, I’m front row, unfortunately they won’t be able to take photos with Noah with the camera, but I got it’,” Aitken said.

Kish returned the camera the next morning.

“It’s just so special that it ended up exactly where it was supposed to be,” Kish said.

“It was just something cool that I got to experiment with and I wasn’t afraid to lose out on it,” Aitken said.

Aitken said she is looking forward to getting the photos developed. Top Stories

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