Saskatoon curler Evan Latos is getting ready to compete in the 2024 Montana’s Brier in Regina this Friday— his third championship as a member of team Yukon.

With Saskatchewan connections to the team, Latos says competing in familiar territory brings a little extra to this year’s Brier.

“It’s an opportunity for lots of family, friends, coworkers, past teammates to come out,” said Latos, lead for Team Yukon at the upcoming Brier.

“Definitely looking forward to it here, playing on home soil.”

The third-year member of Team Yukon spent his career playing in Saskatoon, but a job opportunity took him to the Yukon three years ago. He joined the local rink skipped by Thomas Scoffin representing the Whitehorse Curling Club, but has since moved back to Saskatoon.

“I’m still able to play with Team Yukon under Curling Canada’s import rule,” said Latos. “They allow one player to be out-of-province or territory, so I fall under that category. Similar to how Mike McEwen qualifies for Saskatchewan, being from Manitoba.”

The team won their way into the Brier early, so they’ve had time to work on their skills individually before the big event.

“We were fortunate, our territorial play down was a little bit earlier than everybody else,” he said. “We were second week of January, so we knew a little longer than everybody else and had a bit of time to prep for it.”

Latos says Team Yukon has more Saskatchewan connections, so fans looking for more local talent have another team to cheer for.

“I’m from Saskatoon, and our fifth, Thomas’s Dad Wade is originally from Saskatoon as well,” said Latos. “So he’s got lots of family and friends in the area. We definitely have that Saskatchewan connection so if people are looking for a second Saskatchewan team to cheer for, we’re definitely your team.”

The 2024 Montana’s Brier kicks off Friday evening from Regina, but Latos and Team Yukon will have to wait until Sunday morning for their first draw.