SASKATOON -- With an extreme cold warning continuing for Saskatoon, a three-piece rock band is collecting donations to help keep people warm and fed during the deep freeze.

“All of our experiences in the cold have led us to see how we can help in some way because, even just being out for a little bit can freeze your hands off,” said Myk Ulan-Hohol, bassist and singer for the local rock band W3APONS. “So how can you leave people out in the cold without trying to do something to help.”

Since word spread about the band’s efforts, W3APONS has collected and distributed around 30 to 40 bags of donations, ranging from gloves, toques, jackets and food to support local outreach programs.

Ulan-Hohol said donations are being shared among groups including EGADZ, White Buffalo Youth Lodge, Prairie Harm Reduction and the Friendship Inn.

Anyone looking to offer warm clothes can contact the band through its Facebook or Instagram page.