SASKATOON -- Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe says if his party is re-elected, individualized autism funding for children will be expanded. Moe made the announcement Tuesday morning at the Saskatoon Autism Behavioural Analysis Treatment Centre.

Currently, the funding is available for children under six years of age. A re-elected Sask. Party government would raise the eligibility age to 12.

 “Our government introduced individualized autism funding for children under six in 2018, fulfilling a commitment we made in the last election campaign,” Moe said in a news release.

“In this year’s budget, we announced that the benefit for children under six will increase to $8,000 per year."

If the Sask. Party again forms government, Moe said children ages six to 11 will be eligible for individualized funding of $6,000 per year, Moe said.

The expanded program would begin in 2021 and would benefit an additional 1,000 Saskatchewan children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and will cost $6 million per year, according to the Sask. Party. release

On Monday, Moe promised a re-elected Sask. Party would bring back the Active Families Benefit which provided an annual tax credit to help cover the cost of sports and recreation activities for kids.

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