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Retired nurse 'horrified' by overcrowding at Saskatoon's largest hospital


A retired registered nurse is ringing alarm bells about the state of Saskatchewan’s largest hospital.

Tami Fehr went to Royal University Hospital (RUH) to visit a family member in the emergency unit last week.

Fehr said she was shocked to see patients in storage rooms on recliner chairs, standing-only waiting rooms and hallways packed with stretchers — patients without a call bell or privacy.

“There were stretchers in every hallway,” Ferhr said.

“Would Scott Moe or Andrew Will want their pants changed in the hallway? Not likely.”

The hospital was so crowded, Fehr thought there was a Code Orange — a disaster or mass casualty situation, where a large number of patients are expected to arrive almost all at the same time.

“I was horrified,” Fehr told CTV News.

“These nurses need help. These frontline staff need help. Something has to change.”

Fehr worked as an RN for 35 years. During that time, Fehr said management was more direct and accessible, and there weren’t as many executives as there are now.

“It’s become a corrupt corporation,” Fehr said.

The retired nurse said she’s “disgusted” to see health care in this condition.

This week, St. Paul’s Hospital was found in violation of Canada's national building code because of patient crowding in hallways.

Speaking in the legislature on Thursday, Saskatchewan Health Minister, Everett Hindley, said the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) is working to "alleviate the capacity pressures in the hospitals in Saskatoon."

"What we're experiencing right now it's not acceptable. It's not what we would want to have for health care in the hospitals in the largest center in this province," Hindley said.

Fehr said the SHA has offered to meet and discuss her concerns.

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