Saskatoon Police arrested Cheyann Peeteetuce, who was allegedly unlawfully at large from her statutory release, on Monday, spokeswoman Alyson Edwards confirmed to CTV News.

Correctional Service Canada had publicly comfirmed a warrant for her arrest on Sept. 5.

Peeteetuce crashed a stolen truck four years ago, killing two teenagers. She pleaded guilty in December 2014 to several charges — including criminal negligence causing death, possession of a stolen vehicle, impaired driving and evading police — and was sentenced a few months later to six years in prison.

She was let out of prison on statutory release on seven conditions imposed by the Parole Board of Canada. She must avoid drinking establishments, the consumption of alcohol and drugs, contact with the victims and their families, and contact with anyone associated with gangs or criminal activity. She must also take prescribed medication and follow a treatment plan.

The conditions do not include restrictions on where she can live, and a document from the parole board states her plan was to return home to live with family members — even though her case management team did not support the plan.

The family of one of the teenagers who died in the crash Peeteetuce caused spoke out against the parole board’s decision to allow her to live in Saskatoon.