SASKATOON -- The Government of Saskatchewan has released COVID-19 safety guidelines for having a safe Thanksgiving gathering.

  • Shared meals between non-household members or members who are not in the same extended household are discouraged.
  • Any private indoor or outdoor event that includes food service may have a maximum of 30 people, provided there is enough space to maintain a two-metre separation between individuals who are not in the same household.
  • Gathering sizes should be smaller if there is not enough space to maintain a physical distance of two metres at all times between non-household/extended household members.
  • Potlucks are discouraged and there should be no shared platters of food or buffet service.
  • All served food should be plated by a single person. One person should handle the preparation of food and drink following proper food safety protocols.
  • Vulnerable individuals, such as seniors and those with underlying health conditions, should receive their food first to minimize cross-contamination.
  • Consider having individual portions delivered from a restaurant or caterer.
  • Guests and hosts should wash their hands with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer prior to eating, as well as before and after handling food or food packaging.

The province released separate guidelines for fall suppers. They are permitted, but must follow the gathering limit of 30 people or fewer, provided there is enough space to maintain two metres between individuals who are not in the same household or extended household.

  • Fall/fowl suppers and other similar events must align with the Banquets and Conference Facilities Guidelines when hosting food service.
  • Meals can be offered as takeout, but organizers must ensure that no more than 30 people are in attendance at any one time and physical distancing is maintained in lines. Markers/tape may be used at two-metre intervals to ensure physical distancing can be maintained in lines.
  • No self-serve or buffet-style meals are permitted.