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Saskatoon golfer hits hole-in-one twice in same round


A golfer at the Willows Club has recorded not one, but two holes-in-one in the same round.

Don Mills was playing at the golf club Monday and hit his first hole-in-one on hole number 4.

“I hit a really good shot, landed right in front of the green and rolled over the hill, disappeared and when we got there it was in the hole,” Mills said.

Mills who plays 50-60 rounds a year says this wasn’t one of his better rounds, starting off 6 over before acing hole 4. Even with the eagle he would still total 46 on the front 9. On the back nine he started to find his swing a bit more, especially on hole 17.

“We saw it go in, at that point in time we had celebrated a bit from the first one so the celebration here was quite larger, “he said. “My buddy Neale called it – said it was going in and it did.”

Mills was golfing with a foursome he plays with 10-15 times a year – Scott Baillie, Neale Buettner and Marvin Deck.

“To see the second one was unbelievable. There was a lot of hugging, a lot of high-fiving and a lot of jumping around on the T-box, “said Baillie.

Buettner has known Mills for over 40 years and called the moment “Incredible" when he got his second hole-in-one of the round.

“It’s rare enough that you get a single hole-in-one but then for one person to have two holes-in-ones, it was fantastic,” said Buettner.

According to the PGA, the odds of the average player recording a hole-in-one are 12,500 to 1. Mills has a 14 handicap. However the odds of recording two holes-in-ones in the same round - 67 million to 1.

“Well the odds of getting the lotto are 1 and 33 million and I would have preferred that to this,” Mills said with a laugh. “Could have went and played all the exotic golf courses in the world.”

The tradition in golf is that the player who records the hole-in-one is suppose to buy drinks for everyone. Buettner and Baillie joke they received their first round of drinks but are still waiting on the second.

“I’m hoping,” said Baillie.

“We certainly took advantage of that. Now we’re still waiting for the second hole-in-one,” Buettner said with a smile.

`Yeah I have been told that a lot I got to buy two rounds of drinks instead of one round of drinks apparently, “Mills said.

This was Mills’ third hole-in-one over his 50 year golf journey, with the first one coming in 1986. Top Stories

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