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Injuries from 2016 Sask. school shooting claim teacher's life, family says

A Saskatchewan teacher who survived a 2016 fatal school shooting in La Loche, Sask. has died due to complications from her injuries, her family says.

Charlene Klyne was teaching Grade 10 English as a substitute teacher when Randan Fontaine shot her in the face on January 22, 2016. The school shooting left four dead seven injured — including Klyne.

She lost all vision in her left eye and was only able to see dark shadows in her right eye, following the shooting. 

There were also multiple pellets lodged throughout her body, which caused her years of pain and ultimately lead to her death, her son, Jeffrey Klyne said.

“She had been having issues with her voice and we found out that she had paralyzed vocal cords, something since the shooting that happened in 2016 and something that she'd gotten treatment for,” Klyne told CTV News.

He said she was scheduled for surgery on the same day she died.

“It was the pellets around her vocal cords that caused this.”

Klyne said his mom never returned to work after the shooting.

“I don't think she ever really felt like there was justice,” he said.

Fontaine pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, second-degree murder and attempted murder. He was two weeks away from turning 18 at the time of the shooting. Fontaine was sentenced as an adult in May 2018 with no chance of parole for 10 years.

“Right now it's looking like the student is going to end up having a parole hearing in a couple of years, which I think really victimizes everybody all over again," Klyne said,

He said his mom was known for her kindness and thoughtfulness.

“Mom was known as somebody who put everyone before herself. When someone was in need, she was one of the first ones there,” he said. “That was always the value she instilled in me growing up.”

A celebration of her life is planned for June 17 at the Saskatoon Funeral Home. Top Stories

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