SASKATOON -- The Saskatoon Correctional Centre has enacted its infection protocol after an offender said he came into contact with someone in Alberta or British Columbia with COVID-19.

“Until we have completely ruled out any potential contact between this individual and COVID-19, we are undertaking precautionary infection control measures in our provincial correctional facilities as necessary,” the Ministry of Corrections said in a statement.

“The offender and the other offenders he was in contact with have been placed in quarantine while we gather more information. Some staff have self-isolated as well as a precautionary measure.”

The ministry says it’s in contact with health officials for direction and guidance. It says corrections staff conduct a medical assessment on offenders as part of the intake process at all Saskatchewan correctional facilities.

“When there is a suspected illness in a custody facility, the facility director ensures that disease specific precautions are put in place. Offenders may be quarantined, and facility staff may be asked to self-isolate if they begin displaying symptoms.”

Specific measures being taken include restrictions on movement and placement of inmates in the facility, increased communication with offenders and staff about precautions, cleaning and disinfecting common areas and equipment, and regular and thorough handwashing with soap and water.

The ministry says arrangements with court services are also being made regarding disruptions and efforts will be made to reduce the risk of infection through video appearances or postponing court dates.