SASKATOON -- Dr. Hassan Masri began posting videos about COVID-19 on Facebook and Instagram in early March, at first to just answer questions from friends about the virus. 

“As a physician, I felt that I have a responsibility to step in and do my part to educate those around me about what is true and what is not true, people reached out to me from China, Spain and Italy, and I felt like I had to jump in and do my part, “ said Masri.

The Saskatoon-based intensive care doctor offers suggestions on how people can flatten the curve while also explaining the definition of phrases like self-quarantine and self-isolate.

“It was really important for me to explain to people who can go out and who shouldn’t and those are all from the recommendations of the public health officer and it was important to explain these things,” said Masri.“Sometimes the difference is very subtle however the impact is massive.”

The reach of Masri's videos now extends well beyond his friends, garnering more than 20,000 views with many people leaving messages thanking the doctor for sharing his perspective.

“I feel really good because even if I made the slightest difference to my own city that I love and the province that I love and helped save a life it is a satisfactory feeling,” said Masri.Masri initially posted his videos in Arabic and says after seeing the interest the videos had generated he decided to start recording the videos in English.

“It is Facebook and there are really no borders and whether you are a message from the Broadway district, or Moose Jaw or Berlin, Germany the message will get there at the exact same time."

Masri says he has received numerous direct messages from viewers asking additional medical questions.

However, he emphasizes that his videos are there for insight and that if a person has any personal medical questions they should contact their family doctor.