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Former Sask. massage therapist who sexually assaulted clients has day parole revoked


A former massage therapist who pleaded guilty to a string of sexual assaults has had his day parole revoked.

Mark Donlevy is serving a nearly 10-year sentence for nine sexual assaults between 2004 and 2016.

According to the Parole Board of Canada decision, Donlevy consistently challenged the conditions of his supervision and release, which included restrictions from finding employment or volunteering in positions that involved him being alone with women.

The parole board says on multiple occasions, Donlevy created online dating profiles to meet women without the consent of his parole officer.

“More concerning is that soon after your release on day parole you created a profile on a dating website and met a female who you started a relationship / friendship with,” the April 3 decision says.

“Despite this serious breach your release was maintained. The concerns raised in this meeting were dismissed by you weeks later when you again created another profile on another dating website.”

Donlevy’s lack of ownership over these actions is especially concerning because it directly relates to some of his offenses.

“You also offended against women that you met on an online dating website and invited the victims into a situation where you sexually assaulted them,” the parole board wrote.

“Some of the victims you had nonconsenting unprotected sexual intercourse with. The victims suffered significant long-term trauma as you violated their sexual integrity.”

Because of his dishonesty about breaking the rules, and his seeming lack of insight about how his actions mirrored his behaviour prior to incarceration, the parole board opted to revoke Donlevy’s day parole.

“Your risk to the public has increased, to the point you have become unmanageable in the community.”

In his assessment records reviewed by the parole board, Donlevy describes a difficult childhood where he witnessed domestic violence and was the victim of physical and emotional abuse.

“You have a grade 12 education, after which you were in the military for almost 20 years,” the parole board writes.

“After returning from active duty in the military you had difficulties with co-workers and supervisors as you suffered from PTSD and lost your job. After your arrest, you worked for a railroad and pest control. You are single with parental responsibilities from previous relationships.”

Donlevy’s psychologist told the board that the two met regularly in the community for talk therapy, focusing on his feelings of being unfairly treated.

In the parole board’s judgment, Donlevy has consistently failed to take responsibility for his actions and blamed others for his problems.

“You tend to blame your program facilitator and your therapist for your actions,” the decision says.

“Also concerning is that you continue to struggle with your program materials. You previously accept that you are a sex addict. During your incarceration, you struggled through some of your programming and had difficulty taking full responsibility for your offences.”

Between 2016 and 2019, 12 women came forward with allegations that Donlevy assaulted them during massage appointments in Saskatoon. He pleaded guilty to six counts, and the other six were stayed.

He was first sentenced in 2018 to a three-year prison term for forcing a woman he met on a dating site to have sex with him in the summer of 2004.

In 2023, he was convicted of two other sexual assaults, including another massage client and another case of date rape, this one from 2012. Top Stories

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