Joel Bigetty says his son Drayden has been bullied at school before but things took a drastic turn when his son messaged him claiming another student had threatened to stab him.

“I just don’t feel safe taking him back to school,” Joel Bigetty told CTV News

Bigetty says his 12-year-old son was on the school bus to Riverside Public School in Prince Albert Monday morning when another student allegedly pulled out a knife and made threats.

“It’s scary,” Bigetty says. “[Bullying] is really serious and it has to stop.”

According to Bigetty, Drayden alerted the staff at the school who took away the knife and suspended the student for three days, but Bigetty says more needs to be done.

He says the school did alert Bigetty of the incident Monday evening according to Bigetty, but he’s concerned that other parents weren’t informed that a knife has been brought to school.

CTV News reached out to the school which confirmed an incident took place but refused to comment on it.

Bigetty says he would like to see staff supervision put onto the busses and has pulled his son from classes until the school can confidently ensure his son’s safety.