SASKATOON -- Multiple COVID-19 fines have been laid at a mansion where strangers gathered to discuss “financial opportunities,” according to Corman Park police.

Police say some of the attendees were recruited from Midtown Plaza in Saskatoon.

“Police attended the residence and observed a number of people who were leaving. They advised police they did not feel comfortable being in the house with so many people in attendance,” reads a police report written by Chief Warren Gherasim.

The chief said at least 14 people were in the house who didn’t live there.

Two organizers, a Saskatoon man and a man from Etobicoke, Ontario, were each issued Public Health Act fines of $2,800.

The event was hosted by Generation NXT, according to the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Generation NXT describes itself as “culture and community to help people make money the same way as the banks,” according to a video posted on the organization’s website.

“We found a way to basically take the same system (banks) use to make billions of dollars every single month, and teach the average person how to do the exact same thing.”

The video shows footage of cash laid out on tables, charts and people jumping off yachts.

CTV News reached out to Generation NXT, but has yet to receive a response.

Three days after the event, Corman Park police were again called to the mansion at 5 Cherry Lane.

“Police were able to observe at least seven people without even entering the residence,” Gherasim said in a police report.

Again, the same organizers were fined for planning the event and bringing guests to the home.

Corman Park police declined an interview, but said another charge was laid April 22 for a similar event, but with a different organizer.

The Cherry Lane residence is listed on Airbnb as “Saskatoon’s only rental mansion” and only property with an indoor pool, hot tub and sauna.

The mansion is only available for renters 30 years and older.