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Concerns are growing among staff as Sask. hospitals reach their capacity limits


Saskatchewan hospitals are on the verge of exceeding their capacity limits, according to documents obtained by CTV News.

Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) President Tracy Zambory says nurses are telling her there’s a growing problem with overcrowding.

"Our members tell us that in all hospitals across Saskatchewan, people are coming in COVID-positive and ICU units are starting to become full."

Zambory says the situation is escalating, with some hospitals resorting to placing beds in hallways.

"When beds are in hallways, people need to understand that that's not the kind of care they need," said Zambory.

In response, Saskatchewan's Minister of Health Everett Hindley told CTV News that these stories represent a momentary snapshot rather than an accurate depiction of the overall situation.

"There are ebbs and flows in the system; that being said, we've taken some steps at RUH and other hospitals across this province to address the capacity and patient flow," Hindley said.

Hindley acknowledged that the approaching cold and flu season may be having an impact.

"We tend to see more people suffering from illnesses, so I want to make sure we're working with our healthcare teams and primary health providers, and emergency responders, and those that are managing and running our facilities to make sure we're freeing up space to make room for our patients," he said.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority did not respond to a request for comment from CTV News. Top Stories

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