The Public Complaints Commission says it is concerned with the inappropriate exercise of the powers of arrest, search and seizure, and the entry into homes without authority by Saskatchewan police.

"These issues have been brought to the attention of the chiefs of police, who have initiated additional training sessions for front-line officers," the commission said in its annual report.

"This is further complicated, as in some instances police supervisors are not recognizing the lack of authority for arrest, search or entry, and are not taking corrective action with their subordinates."

The issue has been identified and commented upon by Public Prosecutions when reviewing investigations where excessive use of force has been alleged during arrest, the commission said.

The commission also notes that the lack of clear descriptions in reports continues to be a concern.

"Police jargon such as 'subject became assaultive' does not adequately describe the actions which the officer had to overcome," the commission said.

The commission received 69 Saskatoon-based complaints against police last year. Three were found to be substantiated and 18 remain incomplete.