Your pocket book could soon take a hit if you don’t shovel your sidewalk, with the City of Saskatoon considering hiring an employee to enforce its shovelling bylaw.

A recommendation made to council suggests the city hire a seasonal employee to make sure people shovel their sidewalks and hand out tickets to those who don't.

The bylaw officer would respond to citizen complaints and have the power to issue $75 tickets.

There is a city bylaw that states residential sidewalks must be clear of snow and ice within 48 hours of a snowfall and commercial areas must be clear within 24 hours.

The bylaw has never been strictly enforced, but some councillors feel unshovelled sidewalks are becoming a safety and quality of life issue that needs to be addressed.

Council would have to find about $36,000 to cover the cost of hiring a new bylaw officer.

A decision on the issue will likely be made when council meets again in the new year.