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A Saskatoon man who left hate comments on a murder victim's online obituary has pleaded guilty


The man who left hate comments on a murder victim’s online obituary has been sentenced.

On Wednesday, Robert Gordon pleaded guilty to indecent communication for leaving hateful messages on Megan Gallagher’s online obituary.

The 30-year-old woman’s body was found north-east of Saskatoon two years after she was reported missing. Nine people have been charged in her death.

Gallagher’s parents said the comments were extremely racist and hateful towards women.

“When we were at the lowest point a person, or a family, could actually be, he dealt another fatal blow by what he did,” Deb Gallagher, Megan’s stepmother, said.

When investigating the hate comments, police say they came across child pornography on Gordon’s electronics. He faced two child pornography charges— one for making it and another for possessing it.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Andrew Clements told CTV News those charges have been stayed.

Gordon was sentenced to a nine-month conditional sentence order for indecent communication.

The Gallaghers say they hope it will show people to think twice before leaving a hateful comment.

“He was held accountable for his actions,” Deb Gallagher said.

They say the ending of this court proceeding brought some relief.

“As we drove away from the courthouse there was, I don't know how you describe the sense, but it was just like okay, it's just time to let go,” Brian Gallagher, Megan’s father, said.

But they say there’s still a long way to go with five of the nine people charged in their daughter’s death awaiting trial. Top Stories


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