SASKATOON -- The people at Wanuskewin Heritage Park are filling their weekends with workshops, activities, and markets to offer the public a place to come and learn.

“We want to educate people about the different parts of the plains cultures. We’re not just teaching about the past, people are still very much here today, so were talking about that,” said Katie Willie, the archaeology interpreter at Wanuskewin.

“Teaching traditional crafts and making jewellery and things like that is really, really important for us to be here for the community to learn and grow.”

The workshop offered on Saturday was a moccasin making class, which will be offered until February 1 before they being teaching about moss bags on February 8.

The newest addition to the Heritage Park, the plains bison, is also a big weekend attraction according to Willie.

“Every Saturday we have a bison tour, so one of us brings you out to see the Bison and tell you all about how we’ve brought them back and how Bison have lived here on the Plains and why they’re so important,” Willie said.

“We also do teepee raising demonstration, so we teach you how to put up a little Plains style teepee, and then there’s always a dance performance followed by an archaeology walk in the afternoons."

Willie says that the Heritage Park is looking forward to February 15 where they will be hosting Kôna, an annual winter festival featuring activities, games, and educational elements.

On Saturday Wanuskewin hosted a monthly market, that brings local vendors together to display and sell their local, handmade goods such as jewellery and artwork.