SASKATOON -- Saskatchewan’s top doctor has announced an outbreak in northern Saskatchewan.

“We have an outbreak situation in La Loche,” Dr. Saqib Shahab, Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer, told reporters in a press conference on Friday.

A total of four COVID-19 cases are in La Loche. Two involve a staff member and resident at a personal care home.

Ten residents and 10 staff members at the facility are being monitored for symptoms.

Dr. Shahab also announced a second employee at an Eden Care facility in Regina has tested positive for COVID-19.

Three residents are showing virus-related symptoms and are under close watch.

“A second staff member is COVID-positive and three residents are under investigation with symptoms. So obviously, it’s a high risk situation,” Dr. Shahab said.

Nearly half of all known COVID-19 deaths in Canada have been linked to long-term care homes.

Premier Scott Moe announced additional measures for care home staff in Saskatchewan.

Employees will only be allowed to work at one care home in an effort to reduce possible transmission.

“Staff at our long-term care homes, and our personal care homes, will not be allowed to work at more than one facility. This should further reduce the risk to our seniors, in our senior care facilities,” Moe said.

With the announcement, the premier displayed optimism about Saskatchewan’s situation. For 12 days, recoveries have been equal to, or exceeded, new cases of the virus.

On Friday, two new cases were announced and nine more recoveries.