Premier Scott Moe spoke on Monday afternoon in Saskatoon following the verdict in the Gerald Stanley murder trial on Friday evening.

Stanley was found not guilty in the shooting death of Colten Boushie in August 2016.

Moe called for Saskatchewan residents to be respectful of the jury’s decision and respectful of future decisions made by the justice system. He said the case has shown the need to renew discussions in the province about everyone working together.

Moe went on to say the case shed light on racism not only in Saskatchewan, but across the nation as a whole. He called for civility in online and verbal comments about the case, adding that any racist comments will not be tolerated.

“We have a better place to get to and we have to get there together,” Moe told reporters.

He said there will need to be a lot of listening in order to get to that better place.

Moe said the Saskatchewan Party will continue to work with all people in Saskatchewan.