Dozens of loved ones - friends and supporters held a candle light vigil last night for a Saskatoon woman who has been missing for two years.

Karina Ann Wolfe - who would now be 22 - has not been seen or heard from by friends and family for two years. Police believe she was last seen riding in a 2001 grey Corvette - and investigators believe she was dropped off in the area of 20th street and avenue H. Police are treating her disapearance as suspscious - but have had few leads.

Carol Wolfe, her mother, told reporters last night the vigil is a commemoration for her daughter.

“Just hope to see her and to find her daughter,” said Wolfe through an interpreter. Carol Wolfe has a hearing impairment.

“And it’s a commemoration for her daughter.”

Police say Wolfe has not done any banking activity, and she never picked up needed prescription drugs.