The Sheikh family of Saskatoon welcomed the community into their home to promote peace, after Abu Sheikh experienced a racist attack last month.

On July 13, Abu Sheikh said he was walking home from his mosque in traditional muslim clothing when a driver tried to run him over. The driver of the truck came to the Sheikh home, where he threw bricks at the window.

Today, the family hopes to promote solidarity with their event, neighbours without borders.

“That’s what we’re doing together,” Aisha Sheikh, Abu’s daughter, said. “Coming together to stand together against hate crimes and against racism.”

The family expressed that instead of dwelling on the negativity of the attack, they hope to use the experience to promote love.

Hundreds showed up on Saturday to the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan to walk the route Abu takes form the mosque home. The group planted flowers outside the Sheikh home.

In attendance at the event were Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark, Gord Wyant, Sheri Benson, and Ryan Meili.

“This is a city where we can come together and build that better society together for the young people,” Clark said. “So by doing this today we’re taking that next step, taking that next step together.”

Abu said seeing such a good turn out at the event had turned his sadness into feelings of joy.

Based on a report by Stephanie Villella.