Habitat for Humanity helps make families’ dreams come true. That’s why people are left scratching their heads after thousands of dollars in tools and equipment stolen from a construction site.

The robbery has left those involved with the charity on edge – they said if they loose any more tools they will be forced to shut down operations.

The same build has been hit twice by thieves, and it’s left the build almost at a halt. The first robbery left crews without valuable power tools. The next week, thieves came back and stole an entire trailer or gear. Thieves broke the lock on the trailer hitch, hooked it up to their own vehicle, and made it through the deep snow to haul it away.

“It’s a setback. It means that we can’t really be productive, our volunteers need to do their jobs,” Graham Dickson from Habitat said.

The robberies have shaken the organization, but they said they haven’t lost their faith in the community.