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'There’s a lot of zeros': Saskatoon couple wins $500K on Lotto Max

A Saskatoon couple is half a million dollars richer after a Lotto Max win.

Caroline Stokvis and Keith Blenkinsop had to check their ticket a few times to be sure they won.

“I saw a five, but I didn't have my glasses,” Blenkinsop said in a Sask. Lotteries news release.

Stokvis said she started to scan the ticket but thought something was wrong.

“There's a lot of zeroes. I think it's broken,” she said in the news release.

The pair tried another machine but got the same result and Stokvis said she knew both machines couldn’t be broken.

They took the ticket to the cashier who confirmed their $500,000 win.

Stokvis and Blenkinsop had planned a steak dinner that night but changed their mind after the win.

“We decided to order food. I couldn't even think about cooking,” Caroline said with a laugh.

The couple said they will divide the win between travel and investing.

“I’ve never won anything like this before,” Stokvis said. “You just walk around and then it just hits you that you won, and you just smile."

“I had to slow down my emotions,” Blenkinsop said. “I was in disbelief!”

The couple bought their ticket from the Esso at 3402 Eighth Street for the October 21 draw. Top Stories

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