The swelling South Saskatchewan River has disrupted farmers and created a hazard in Saskatoon, but it’s also affecting the tourism industry in the area.

In Saskatoon, the Prairie Lily river tour boat is shut down until further notice, and nearby in Outlook, the river has put an entire golf course out of commission.

Flood water from Alberta pushed the river near the Riverview golf course up approximately two metres, broke through the dyke, and spilled onto the course.

According to Outlook mayor Bob Stephenson, the 2005 flood didn’t do this much harm, and the town has to wait until the river has gone down to start pumping water off the course. It could mean waiting more than a week.

"Once the level drops to a reasonable level we can take the bulk of the water out then when it drops again we can get at the low spots. But the water has to drop below the lowest point on the course or else we'll still have water there,” Stephenson said.

The course is in a regional park, and losing the business could mean a big hit for tourism in the area. "This is what draws the campers in so if you lose this you lose the camping revenue and regional parks are having a tough time as it is because they don't get a lot of funding,” the mayor said.

Some local businesses have stepped up to help remove the water, and the community is hoping the course will reopen by the end of this summer.