A part of downtown Saskatoon closed off Sunday as many proud car owners brought their machines to be showcased in the Show and Shine weekend.

Anybody with a pre-1999 vehicle in “showmanship condition” was welcome to bring their ride downtown to be admired, and to hang-out with other car enthusiasts.

“It’s a little culture of its own” said classic car owner Steve Hackett. “There’s something that every person who has a car here has in common, is a passion for it. It’s a whole different language sometimes.”

Those in attendance had plenty to take in, with block after block shut down to display vintage cars, some well over 100 years old.

“It’s my copy of the 1896 Ford Quadricycle. My youngest son, he likes old stuff, so he said ‘why don’t you build an old car?” said Ed Drachenberg.

One of the many racecars present belonged to Scott Lebedoff’s brother, who had Scott showcase it in his absence.

“On the 24th of this month is the race for the cure out at Wyant group raceway. We’re getting the public to sign the car with a donation to the cancer society.”

The event website said there were more than 900 cars, trucks, and motorcycles featured as part of the show and shine weekend, with a variety of vehicles, from muscle cars, to go karts.

It wasn’t all motors and metal however, as there were plenty of food stands, interactive stalls, and even a dinosaur walking around to entertain the kids.