It will now be up to Court of Queen's Bench judge to decide how a man who fired a homemade shotgun in downtown Saskatoon should be sentenced.

Michael Arcand, 35, was convicted in February of assault with a weapon and but found not guilty of attempted murder after a daytime confrontation with police in September of 2017.

The standoff was caught on video by several bystanders’ phones.

The video shows Saskatoon police telling Arcand numerous times to put down his weapon, a homemade firearm, that Arcand fired during the standoff.

Police testified during the trial that they were giving Arcand plenty of opportunities to stand down. They used Tasers and bean bag rounds on Arcand during the incident.

Arcand suffered a bullet wound and dog bites when he was finally taken down near the Radisson hotel.

During Wednesday’s sentencing arguments Crown Prosecutor Todd Wellsch said Arcand was putting not just the officers, but also the public at great risk in the confrontation with police on a busy downtown street.

Arcand's defence lawyer, Brent Little, said his client is remorseful and Arcand told the court he was sorry for the incident.

Toxicology tests following the standoff showed methamphetamine in Arcand’s system.

The Crown and defence agreed there are significant Gladue factors to consider.

The Crown is asking the judge for an eight to 10-year sentence while the defence is arguing for a sentence in the six to seven-year range.

Justice Jeff Kalmakoff is expected to pass his sentence May 24.