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Saskatoon SPCA ask for public’s help after puppies dropped off on doorstep

The Saskatoon SPCA is asking for help after several puppies were dropped off on their doorstep.

The delivery of five Labrador pups in a Rubbermaid container means the organization has 28 puppies all under 12 weeks old.

“While we appreciate being entrusted with their care, it has put us in a challenging position of being over capacity. These little ones are incredibly precious and require a lot of attention and resources,” an SPCA news release said.

Executive director Fred Dyck said things are getting busy.

“It seems like we're collecting puppies from multiple locations right now,” he told CTV News.

“Just feeding these young dogs is a challenge for us right now.”

He said the biggest concerns the organization has are food and finding homes for the animals.

“You need food that's appropriate for them,” he said. “That's probably our biggest concern right now is just making sure we've got enough food for everybody.”

He said the pups that have been dropped off are being prepped for adoption.

“They're just going through their process to make sure that they're all healthy and ready to go for adoption, but we will have a number of them up for adoption here right away.”

Anyone interested in taking one of the puppies home can drop by the SPCA Sunday afternoons or contact them to make an appointment.

“They're all kind of lab-based dogs. So they're beautiful, really cute little guys.”

Dyck said they would also welcome donations and financial support to care for the animals.

“Each puppy costs the SPCA upwards of $500 to provide essential care, totalling a staggering $14,000,” the release said.

“We rely on the support of our compassionate community to make a lasting impact in the lives of these vulnerable creatures.” Top Stories

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