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Saskatoon potters gather for pottery exhibition

(Noah Rishaug/CTV News) (Noah Rishaug/CTV News)

The Saskatoon Potters Guild is back with their annual spring exhibition.

Creations of clay were on full display at the Albert Community Center in South Saskatoon on Saturday, featuring bowls, pots, and decorative art displays.

Tammy Kurtenbach was giving pottery lessons. She was providing demonstrations and advising on what goes into pottery.

"So when the wheel spins round and round, you have to keep your fingers completely still. Then the next thing you do is you drop the hole," Kurtenbach said referring to the shaping of the bowl she created.

(Noah Rishaug/CTV News)

Part of the exhibition was a friendly competition between potters.

This year's theme was shapeshifters. Paula Cooley won best overall sculpture for her efforts.

"So I was playing with a creature that maybe might emerge from the dark shadows... this is perhaps something that is in the dark following you," Cooley said about her piece

The pottery exhibition will continue to run into Sunday, with goods both for sale, and just for show. Top Stories

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