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Saskatoon COVID-19: Viral load nearly doubled in city’s wastewater, researchers say


Traces of COVID-19-related virus in Saskatoon’s wastewater nearly doubled in the last week, according to the latest data from University of Saskatchewan researchers.

People begin to shed viral particles several days after infection, researchers say, so the numbers indicate increasing infections among Saskatoon residents.

The viral load estimate is based on an average of three daily measurements in the period ending on March 15.

The concentration is considered "medium" for the city, according to the report.

In Prince Albert, the viral load has increased by about 13 per cent in the week ending on March 13. Researchers say the weekly average of 115,000 gene copies per 100 millilitres is considered high for the city.

Infections in the city are increasing and should be monitored, the researchers say.

Infections are down in North Battleford, with the viral load reduced by over 24 per cent in the week ending on March 13. This level is considered medium for the city. Top Stories

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